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When Angels Deserve To Die |1|2|3|4|
Lady Black Mage

At first Rinoa thought it might be Squall, but when the person spoke, she knew...
" You've forsaken me..."* Seifer said, his voice sounding dangerous. She took a step backwards and turned to run, but Seifer was immeasurably fast.
" Seifer! This isn't funny! Let me go!" she cried. His grip on her arm was as strong as steel.
" Rinoa..." he whispered in her ear. She pulled away from him and ran as fast as she could out of the dorms.

She ran around the circle, but stopped when she saw Seifer standing in front of her. She turned and headed into the training center. She stopped and hid behind a tree when her lungs burned her badly. She sat behind the tree, trying to
catch her breath.

" When angels deserve to die*..." came a voice from right beside her ear. She gasped and started to run. Seifer quickly caught up with her. He gripped both of her arms and shoved her against a stone support, hard.
Tears formed in her eyes. " Squall, where are you? Squall! Help me!" she cried, not daring to look at him. She struggled.
" I cry... when angels deserve to die...*" he whispered savagely. His grip tightened. Rinoa tried to think of a spell, or how to summon a GF, or wished she could move her arms to use her blade twister. Anything! Her mind was blank. " Anyone! Quistis! Zell! Irvine! Selphie! Help!" she yelled, wishing for any form of help.

Seifer's grip was so tight now that blood trickled down her arms. Tears streamed down her face.
" You're alone, angel." he said. She looked up at him and was terrified at what she saw. His eyes were blood red.

" Squall... I'm sorry. I couldn't protect her." Quistis trailed, sitting in the elevator. She fought tears of helplessness, knowing that Rinoa was in trouble.

" What do you think you're doing, Seifer?" came a familiar voice from behind him. Rinoa tried to see behind him, but couldn't move. "
Squall? Is that you?" she called. Seifer turned, not letting go of Rinoa.
" I'm here, Rinoa! Don't worry!" was Squall's response. She smiled and laughed happily.
" Shut up, angel." Seifer growled, tossing her effortlessly aside. She would have hit a tree, if Squall hadn't moved fast. He caught her.
" Squall, what-" she began.
" Later! What's important is your ok." he said, putting her down.
" I am. Let's take him down..." she trailed, he nodded. The two stood and got ready to fight.
" Seifer, you're going down!" Rinoa promised. Squall
stood beside her.
" You've forsaken me... Take pride in my self-righteous suicide." Seifer quoted. Squall ran forward and sliced at Seifer with his
gunblade but it didn't even phase him. He returned to Rinoa's side and saw that she was summoning a GF. He quickly began to summon Shiva. Rinoa beat him to the point and managed to summon Siren. Squall quickly followed with Shiva, but Seifer
didn't respond. Seifer, without warning, cast a powerful Aurora magic that hit Squall hard. He was on his knees for a minute, but quickly regained his balance.

" Squall! You ok?" Rinoa called.
" Yeah!" he assured.
Seifer got this blank look on his face, then looked straight at Rinoa.
" When angels deserve to die." he said with finality.
" You're nuts, Seifer!" Rinoa insisted. She saw him summon a powerful magic, and hurtle it at Squall, but her love didn't see it in time. Rinoa saw it hit him and he hit the ground hard. He didn't move.
" Squall!!!" she cried, running to his side. Seifer stopped her though. He was stronger than before.
" Now you die, angel." he said calmly. She couldn't
move. He summoned a Thundaga blast in his left hand,
preparing to kill her.
" Stop!" Squall yelled, managing to stand up.
" Don't you ever die?" he asked, tightening his grip on her arm.
" No. But you do!" Squall responded, rushing foreword. He slashed Seifer numerous times. His grip on Rinoa's arm slackened and fell away. She looked at Seifer once, and regretted it. He was looking at her.
" I cry... When angels deserve to die, in my self-righteous suicide." he croaked, falling over dead.
Squall fell to his knees beside her. " It's finally over..."

It was two days later when they buried Seifer. No preacher spoke, but six companions stood next to his grave.
" Seifer... good luck." Squall whispered. He put his arm around Rinoa and a single tear fell down his features.
" We'd better go..." Selphie sighed, taking Irvine's hand. The two walked away, followed by Quistis and Zell. Squall turned to go, with Rinoa, when she stopped him. She walked, alone, back to Seifer's grave. She laid down a crimson rose on the grave, and spoke a few words that Squall couldn't hear, then joined him again. Her words seemed to dance on the wind as she left.

'I cry, because you were an angel and you didn't deserve to die.'

The End.

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