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When Angels Deserve To Die |1|2|3|4|
Lady Black Mage

He made his way to the cafeteria, with worries of Seifer on his mind. As he entered he saw Zell wave to him from across the room.

" Squall! Over here!" he yelled. He saw that Selphie, Irvine, and Zell had already gathered there.

"Hi guys. Where's Rinoa and Quistis?" he asked taking an empty seat.
" Beats me..." Irvine responded.
" I think Quistis was called up to Headmaster Cid's office." Selphie chimed.
" How's Seifer?" Irvine asked.
" He's not good. He wouldn't talk at all." Squall stated soberly. Everyone was quiet for a moment.
" Squall! You've got a mission!" Quistis called from across the room. She approached them and sat down.
" A mission? Where to?" he asked.
" Uh... Winhill. I'm not sure where it is, but our employers asked for you personally." Quistis explained.
" Me?" Squall thought aloud. " How many are going with me?"
" Just you." she explained, looking at him. He shrugged, silently wondering how he was going to tell Rinoa. She had been having more of the nightmares.

It was pouring down rain and Squall was getting ready to leave. The others had said their good-byes, and Rinoa was seeing him off.

"Be careful, ok?" she started. " No heroics." she added.
" I promise, Rinoa. I'll be back in five days." he said taking her hands in his. He leaned in and kissed her gently.
She hugged him, and could barely bring herself to let go. " I love you!" she stated.
" I love you, too." he insisted, smiling. He turned to leave, walking towards Balamb. She stood in the rain, until she couldn't see him anymore. Rinoa was soaked as she headed to the dorms to change. She peeled herself out of her sweaters and into a pair of blue jeans with a black tank top and a
orange off the soldiers sweatshirt. She was towel drying her hair when there was a knock at her door. She opened it and was surprised to see Seifer there.

" Hello, Rinoa." Seifer said, his voice soft.
" Seifer... come in." she stammered.
" I just wanted to apologize for everything..." he trailed, looking at his hands.
" It's alright, you were under her control. I know how you feel." she said, putting as much confidence in her voice as she could muster.
" Thanks... Being forgiven is one more step to being normal again." he stated, a distant tone to his voice. Rinoa just smiled in response. She was still nervous around him, but maybe she was just over reacting...

It was three days later when the terror began. Quistis was typing in the 2nd floor classroom, trying to keep up the paperwork that kept the school running. She soon found out that someone had hacked into the school's computer system.
" Who?" she began, trying to break the restrictions someone had placed on the program. Suddenly all of the lights went out. She jumped up and knocked over the chair she had been sitting in. " Great! This is usually the beginning of an attack! And Squall's not-" she started, then realized that was it. Whoever was responsible had planned this.

" I've gotta find the others!" she thought, running from the room and down the halls. She reached the elevator and had just pushed the third floor button and had started up when it stopped.
" What?" she gasped, realizing she was stuck,

Zell was in the cafeteria when the lights went out. He was confused at first, but then realized that this could be trouble. He made his way towards the dorms but couldn't get the cafeteria door opened.
" Huh? Great!" he yelled, punching the door. He was
frustrated, but stuck.

Selphie and Irvine were in the quad area, watching the stars when the lights shut off.
" What..." Irvine trailed. He stood up. Selphie stood beside him, confused.
" Did the power go out?" she asked.
" Beats me. Let's go see." he answered. The two headed to the main halls, but couldn't get the doors open.
" What's goin' on?" Selphie asked.

Rinoa was lying in her room, trying to go to sleep, when her desk lamp went out. She ignored it at first, then realized that the lights would never go out here. They had everlasting
generators. She climbed out of her bed, taking her weapon with
her, and went to her door. She opened it and headed down the hall. Suddenly the lights in the hall came on. A figure stood at the end of the hall. It was a tall male figure, wearing a long trenchcoat and carrying a gunblade.

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