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Thank you page/Credits

Here is a list of people FFI would like to credit.

:::Of course, all the current staff member's, you are currently making me very proud with your hard efforts.
:::Necron- Man, without you, this thing wouldn't have ever been. You started me out, we been through much together. Your someone i'll never forget. Good luck in real life and your firm, you'll be dearly missed.
:::Zantetsuken- You were with us since the very start, helped us through thick and thin, and always stayed with us. Sad that you had to go, but we all grow up, and you did just that. Have fun in college dude.
:::Broyb- Thanks to you, you helped code some of the layouts of FFI v2. Thanks.
:::Kefka- You helped with a little FF8 coverage. Sorry to see that you left us so soon, but thanks for being with us, for the short time you were here.
:::Donators- Thank you all who have contributed money to FFI. We really appreciate it, and the money will be put to great use.
:::Forum Members- Damn where would we be w/o you?! You keep our forum fun and clean. Thank you also to everyone who re-registered after our old host deleted our forums. You really helped us out.
:::Square-Online- Thank you SeiferMike for hosting us when we didnt even have anything to show you. Without you hosting us and accepting our application as a subdomain, who knows where we would be today. I must truly thank you for the progress you helped FFI with, back when we were FFHeaven, even if the server crashed on us.
:::TLN- You also helped us recover from Square-Onlines server crash. While it was only for 2 months, I believe that is when we gained the most popularity and started to get known. Your servers were great up until they became overloaded. But thanks.
:::GSN- Well, you also helped us for about 2 months after recovering from TLN server crash. It took about a month for you guys to help us out, and while customer support took a while, we did get out exposure and we certainly blew up from there. Its been a great 3 months on GSN, but like all sites, its time to move on.
:::LeetHost- Our current host, so far you have been great. Offering us 1.5 Terabytes of bandwidth and 50 gigs of HD space, you are what I have only imagined. Thank you, and we hope our future with you will last longer than our other hosts.

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