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The Art of Amano

Take a look into the art of Amano and see the beauty that he creats through his pen. His unique style and his ways of capturing an emotion are one of the best elements of Final Fantasy. His character designs are also stepping stone in the series, for all the Final Fantasy's from I through VI and IX.

Here you may see some samples of Amano's fabulous work from Final Fantasy.

Please enjoy.


More recent FF10 artwork can be found here.


Yoshitaka Amano was born in 1952 in the small Japanese town of Shizuoka. "I don't remember a time when I wasn't making drawings," he says. It was at the age of five that his sister, while viewing one of his drawings, exclaimed, "We have a genius here!" Ten years later, Amano found himself with an animator-trainee position at Tatsunoko Productions in Tokyo. Heavily influenced by Disney cartoons, he constantly absorbed art from other cultures. When he wasn't working creating characters for cartoons such as Gatchaman and Hutch the Honeybee, he studied life drawing at local art schools or scoured art books for inspiration. At the age of 30, Amano grew restless and decided to leave the stability of Tatsunoko for freelance work that would allow him to explore new styles and subjects. He soon found that the publishers he approached for work were not very open to the possibilities of artistic exploration. "I had seen a lot of artists trapped in one style, and I still fear that trap." Eventually, he was offered a position on a monthly feature in Science Fiction Magazine. This provided him with the opportunity to explore his style and gain exposure. Amano has worked a wide variety of mediums and his work can be seen in the form of animation, graphic novels, video games, theatrical costume design, and much more. He is well known for his work with the "Final Fantasy" series of games and the most recent Sandman graphic novel with Neil Gaiman. Amano's art has traveled across borders and captured the imaginations of millions of people. He continues to explore new ideas with his art as he is doing with his latest project, Hero.

Thanks to Jason for helping with the info.

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