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When Angels Deserve To Die |1|2|3|4|
Lady Black Mage

When Squall woke up the next morning, he saw that Zell and Irvine had already gotten up. The scent of pancakes and sausage wafted from the kitchen and he had a good idea where he would find the two 'men'. He climbed to his feet in Zell's old black jogging pants and white T-shirt and stretched. He was about to head into the kitchen when he remembered what had happened last night.

He peeked into the kitchen and saw that Rinoa was missing from the group. He was worried as he climbed the stairs to her room.

" Rinoa?" he called softly. He didn't hear herrespond. " She must still be asleep." he thought. He decided to go in. He sat on the edge of her bed, and smiled. " She's so beautiful when she sleeps." he sighed, leaning in to kiss her. He gently kissed her
on her forehead, then climbed to his feet to go

" Squall?" he heard as he opened the door. He glanced back and saw that she had woken up. " What?"
" I love you..." she trailed, climbing out of bed. She came foreword and hugged him.
" I love you, too, Rinoa." he chimed. " Let's go downstairs before Zell polishes off all of the pancakes." Squall joked.
" Alright." she agreed, taking his hand and following him down.
Squall had a thought. " Rinoa? What was that nightmare you had about?"
Rinoa held his hand tighter. " Seifier came back, but you... weren't there. I couldn't ... find you anywhere I ran. I even went to... our meeting place. Quistis and the others tried to protect me but,... he killed them." she said softly. Squall regretted asking her now. He hated to upset her.
" Don't worry, it's a dream. I'll never disappear. I'm here for you." Squall promised.
Rinoa hugged his arm as they entered the kitchen.

It was afternoon by the time the group made their way back to Balamb Garden. Headmaster Cid and a large group of the students and SeeDs waited for them. " Hooray!" the crowd yelled. " The conquering heroes!"
" Welcome back, Squall." Headmaster Cid greeted, nodding to his companions as well.

Three weeks passed: Rinoa began her classes to become a SeeD, Selphie and Irvine grew closer, Zell got to have his hot dogs again, Quistis tutored Rinoa for her classes, and Squall tried to do his best to run Balamb Garden without making everyone hate him. The six were gathered around a lunch table in the cafeteria, eating hot dogs when Xu found them.
" Squall! Headmaster Cid wanted me to ask you something." she stated, helping herself to the last hot dog.
" Xu, that was mine!" Zell whined, but Selphie kicked him under the table. " What was that-" he began, but the glare he got from Quistis and Selphie shut him up. " What did he want?" Squall asked Xu, ignoring the mayhem from the other end of the table. " Some one you all know applied for the school
today..." she began, looking carefully at Squall, then around the table at the others.
" Who?" Quistis asked, confused.
" Seifer Almsay."
" Seifer! But, he died!" Zell exclaimed, standing up and knocking over his chair.
" Seriously. We all saw him die... I think." Irvine chimed.
" Are you sure it was Seifer?" Rinoa asked, taking Squall's hand.
" I saw him myself. He came and talked to Headmaster Cid asking for forgiveness. He said it was fine if he never became a SeeD either. He just wanted to be back at the garden." Xu explained. Everyone seemed shocked.
" What does this have to do with Squall?" Rinoa asked.
" Headmaster Cid wants his decision... But he told me that Seifer really does seem like he's changed." Xu stated.
" I guess... it's ok then." Squall stated as his answer. Everyone looked at him shocked.
" I'll tell the headmaster then." Xu said, standing up and leaving.
" Are you sure about this, buddy?" Zell asked.
" Shut up, chicken-wuss!" Selphie imitated.
" Seifer wasn't that bad before..." Quistis trailed.
" Plus, he was one of us at the orphanage! He was just confused." Selphie said, full of confidence.
" I hope I made the right choice." Squall thought, glancing at Rinoa. She was ashen gray.

The next day Seifer came back. Everyone tried to be supportive...
" This will be your room now, Seifer." Squall stated, motioning him into an unoccupied dorm room. Seifer didn't say anything in response... In fact, he hadn't said anything to Squall yet. He looked tired, his face drawn and pale.
" Being under the control of the sorceress must have taken it's toll on him." Squall thought with a tinge of pity. " Dinner's in about ten minutes, but you probably know that..." Squall trailed, trying to get a response out of the troubled man before he left. Seifer knodded and set his duffel out on the bed.
" I'm going down now..." Squall trailed off, turning
to leave.

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