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When Angels Deserve To Die |1|2|3|4|
Lady Black Mage

The setting is just after the six fight Ultemecia.
They are in Balamb and decide to stay the night before
they headed back Balamb Garden.

" Zell, are you sure you mother will be fine with us staying at your house tonight?" Rinoa asked, hanging on Squall's arm.
" Yeah, of course!" Zell exclaimed. He thrust his arm in the air, still full of adrenaline from the fight with Ultemecia.
" As long as it's ok..." Squall trailed. The whole group was tired, and filthy dirty.
" We're here! Mom, I'm home! And I brought my friends!" Zell yelled into the house as the six entered.
They heard a woman from the area of the kitchen yell:
" Zell! Is that you?" Mrs. Dincht appeared in the doorway. She ran foreword to give Zell a hug but stopped in her tracks.
" Zell, you stink!" she exclaimed.
" Hehe... You'll never believe what we've been through!" Zell laughed.
" Mrs. Dincht, could we trouble you for a shower and a place to sleep?" Quistis asked politely.
" Of course! You girls can room up in Zell's room, and you guys can have the living room." she stated.
She headed for the kitchen, and called behind her. " I'll start dinner, you kids can take showers."
" Alright, Rinoa. Why don't you go ahead?" Squall urged. Rinoa looked at him surprised.
" Go ahead." Quistis agreed.
" Do I smell that bad?" she laughed, heading for the stairs to the bathroom. The others laughed as she headed into the bathroom. She saw that there were clean towels in one cupboard. She sighed, turning on the water in the shower, very hot. Steam began to pour out as she climbed in. She washed her hair, adding some conditioner, and then scrubbed her skin clean. She felt very refreshed as she climbed out and wrapped
a large pale green towel around her body. " Mrs. Dincht is too kind to let all of us stay here." Rinoa sighed as she brushed out her hair. It took her awhile, because the wind from the battle had tangled it badly. " Maybe I should have tied it up..." she trailed, finally managing to untangle it all. She smiled, pulling it all into a ponytail. She brushed her teeth and found some clothes that Mrs. Dincht had set out for her. They must have been some old clothes of Zell's because they were way too big for Rinoa, but she rolled up the waist of the dark gray jogging
shorts and they managed to stay up. She pulled on the baggy black T-shirt and sighed.

" I feel much better." she said to herself as she opened the bathroom door. She was surprised that no one was standing in front of the door, waiting for their turn. She made her way downstairs and saw the others had moved into the kitchen.
When she entered, she smelt a pan full of pork chops simmering on the stove, a large pot of potatoes boiling, and two apple pies baking in the oven. " Feel better?" Squall asked, seemingly happy to see her as he stood up.
" Much! Thanks." Rinoa responded, smiling and feeling her cheeks turn a pale pink. She took the seat next to him.
" See ya!" Selphie called as she ran towards the
" Hey! It's my house!" Zell whined, running to the
" Zell..." Mrs. Dincht warned, thrusting the tongs she had been flipping pork chops with towards her uncooperative son. Zell mumbled something about the unfairness of it all, and flopped into the chair next to Irvine.
" Tough breaks, eh Zell?" Irvine laughed. He had to dodge the glass that Zell threw at him.

It was later that night, and everyone was asleep, except Squall. He couldn't shake the foreboding feeling that had overcome him.
" Mmm... pork chops..." he heard Zell mutter in his sleep. Squall had to smile, agreeing with Zell. His mother's dinner had been delicious. Squall decided to get up, and made his way to the
bathroom upstairs. On his way back down, he heard whimpering from the girls' room. He cracked open the door and saw the three were sound asleep. But it was Rinoa who was making sounds.
" No, please... Squall, help me. Where are you? Squall!" she cried, turning over in her sleep. He snuck in, and sat on the bed beside her. He gently shook her, and she woke up.
" Are you ok?" he asked, whispering softly. " Squall? What happened?" she gasped, sitting up. He wrapped his arms around her, shielding her from her nightmare. She melted into his strong arms and began to cry softly.
" Shh. It's ok, I'm here for you. It was just a dream." he comforted. She calmed down after a few moments and laid back down.
" Don't leave, Squall, please?" she pleaded, sounding
like a frightened child.
" I'll stay until you fall asleep." he promised, climbing under the blankets with her. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered to her. He held her close until she was sound asleep, peaceful. He gently climbed out of the bed and snuck
downstairs. He laid back on the couch and was soon
asleep himself.

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