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Ah, so you want to know everything there is to know about Final Fantasy Impulse? Well i'll start you off from the very beggining. (Story told from the POV of Diamond.)

May 27, 2001: This day was the beggining of Final Fantasy Heaven. Yes, we were once called Heaven. I'll get back to that in a minute. I started FFH as an ezboard on that late night, with the help of a good guy named Tekno. I asked him to co-admin, and he accepted. FFH grew very quickly from there, growing each and every day. By one month we had 200 members. Then, an idea of making a website occurred. I thought this would be a great idea! So me and the current forum members got together and started making some plans. Nothing too much came out of it, it was mostly talk and stuff like that. Then, some guy named Dejavuth came by the ezboard and sayed he would like to be the co-webmaster with me. He showed me some of his work, it wasn't too bad, so I said alright, you are in. :P From there we started working on the website, as to who would do what and this and that. But the thing we needed the most was a site layout. Neither of us were graphical god's, so we were at a lost. Then I decided to give an old friend a call.

Enter The Dragon: So I decided to e-mail a friend of mine named Alex. I remember him from the old days of a previous forum that we both posted at. He contacted me back within 3 days and he joined the team. He then developed this layout. So we now had a layout, we just needed to find a good host. We also bought ourselves a vBulletin, and set it up on f2s to hack it and sorts before we got a host. We tried many places, and the place who accepted us was Square-Online. Soon, we set ourselves up for the brand new FFH.

Meanwhile: Well, everything on the ezboard was still going normal. We were still growing, our user base getting bigger and bigger. No one knew that FFH was about to move to a vBulletin and have a website open. The staff and I kept reffering to this move as "Project Outsource". But right before we were going to launch, we encountered a few problems.

Goodbye: An unexpected occurance occured. Alex decided to quit in favor of his own site, NextFF. I was shocked, cuz I did not see it coming. We wished him well, but we did not quite know what to do with ourselves. We took the layout he made for us, and took it from there. Sort of desperation moves, but we pulled through. Wasn't as graphically as good as it could have been, but it was still alright. I tried to get things done, and prepared to launch the site.


Click here to go to Part 2.

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