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Weekly Rants- 12/25/01

By Volitar

Human Cloning

The human species as a whole, has tried to take on the role of god through it's whole existance. Every single time it has attempted to take on the role of god, it has come short of it's goal. Whether it be kingdoms attempting to spread thier rule through imperialistic rule, or scientists attempting to make drugs to extend life. Whether it be Artificial Insemination, to surgery to remove tumors that would have previously not been able to be done. Science has come a long way since the time of the Civil War, where if you were shot, you had your arm amputated. Now, we have microscopic surgery, and lasers where the cut isnt even that large.

Scientists have currently been attempting to figure out a way to clone a human being. Scientists are very close to being able to clone human beings. They are closer to god than they have ever been in the whole existance of the human species as a whole, as far back as our records can show. This new found power, untapped until recently, can prove to be very interesting, and very resourcefull, but at the same time, very dangarous.

Cloning a human being, is not just a simple task. After they are cloned, comes responsibility. These humans are not born like normal humans, but rather, they are born in a labratory. When they are born, they are not going to live a life of playing with blocks and such. Scientists will haveto study them. This comes especially for the first couple of humans that are cloned. They will not live a happy life, that alot of us live, with parenst, and having fun. Rather, thier father figure will be a man in a labcoat who studies him everyday, to see if he is functioning properly.

There is anothr factor that is not taken into consideration, and that is the lifespan of a cloned person. Will these people live until they are seventy years of age, or willl they die when they are ten years old, or even less. Thier life on earth would never be the same as ones born the normal way, and because of that, they will be outcasts of society as a whole. If they do survive to a high age, depression would most definatly strike them. They would be having feelings of worthlessness, and feeling like they are not normal. This depression could make them do many rash things. Some may commit scuicide, some might kill others, the possibilities are endless. The one thing that remains static is the fact that, thier feelings would never be the same, because they wouldnt be the same as the rest of humankind.

It is because of these reasons, cloning should not be done. Human beings are very intellectual, however, we have not evolved enough to take on the responsibility of creating new human life. That is a responsibility we must earn. We may be close to achieving cloning, however, humankind does not have the capacity to control what we create in this field of genetics.

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