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Weekly Rants- 11/22/01

By Volitar

Dress Code

The school dress code. It is something that most of us who still goto school are plauged by. Even the sheer notion of it, makes us cringe at the thought of wearing a kneck tie, button down shirt and loaffers. Everday, day in and day out, the ones who are forced to obide by this law, feel the effects of it.

The school dress code was established for many reasons. One of them being competition over clothing. Students are too involved in wearing the latest fashion trend, rather than concentrating on thier studies. This is a very good reason for the dress code, the superficiality of students in the classroom made the higher-ups sequester thier right of individuality, until student learn maturity. If the bulk of students didnt care so much about thier fashion statement they are making, and concentrate on more important, long tearm things such as the classes they are in, they would have thier individuality given back. It is because most American's youth are too cought up with thier looks, and with what other people think of them, that they act on a level of imaturity that sort of forces administration officials in schools to act in such a manner, to take away the problem completely.

However, this also limits the time in a persons life where they can be individualistic. In jobs, emplyees are forced to wear a certain uniform code, due to the fact it is a job, and they are your employer. During school, especially high school, you find out who you are, and your place in the world, or atleats try to. Expressing yourself is one of the most important aspects of life. The fact that school administration officials feel they have the right to sequester that right from so many students, is perverse! What gives one the right to govern over another? Rules are usually set in place so people dont hurt one another. Dressing with spiked hair, and spiked wrist bands does not hurt anyone. It should not be all who are suppressed like this. Instead of just saying "your right to express yourself is revoked", school administration officials should teach students, or atleast attempt to teach students to not worry about superficial things such as "thats some weird hair" or "I dont like the band on his shirt, I am gonna kick his ass for it." Problems like that will not be solved by supressing ones individualistic ideals and feelings through clothes. Students change into thier normal attire after school anyways. If a student cannont do well in school, due to such superficial things as clothes, that is thier problem, and they must learn to overcome it! Everyone should not haveto suffer because of the superficialities of others! It is suppressing ones own ideals and ideas that is wrong, not outlandish clothes, and it is something that is not good at all.

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