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Weekly Rants- 3/29/02

By Volitar

The Death Penalty

Since the dawn of time, humankind as a whole has been in constant turmoil with itself. People are punished, and the punishers position themselves as better human beings than those who are tried, convicted, and subsequently punished. We judge each other from capital punishment, to the superficial things in life. Clothing, hair, it all boils down to this single human emotion to judge one another. Why must judging occure? Shouldn't the diety that controls all, be the one to judge? Death is eternal, there is no second chance, no undoing
death. It is out of the control of humans, yet humans feel the need to control it. We must yeild the power of all. Americans even goto the extreme of feeling that god is on their side through things. God bless America, so that we kill more people, to bolster our moral. For
killing the bad, who have killed as well, is good. A nation of hypocrites who say killing is bad, yet support it in all ways.

Rome had one of the first widespread public executions ever. Know as the crucifixon, they cross two boards and many precarious ways, so the victim would die a slow and painfull death, whilst being humiliated by a crowd of onlookers. This public display of a horrific, and subsequent humiliating death enticed the crowds to want more. They enjoyed watching others suffer. This human emotion of feeling better than the other has been prevalent since this time. Scorning, and sneering at the ones dying on a cross, the onlookers laughed in joy, as others died, this complete egocentric attitude toward their own life.

However, in Rome it did not end there, they then developed a collesium, a place where all could join and watch as prisoners battled each other to the death in a gruesome show of blood and brawn. It was the event everyone wanted to go to, like a modern day football
game, except the intent of this was to kill. By killing, they were revered better. Praise from the Emperor was exhibited to those who valiantly slaughtered their fellow countrymen in a bloodbath of carnage. So, in the past humankind has praised such brazen acts; such dastardly
acts that are so demonic, and so chilling.

Today, we have a more subtle way of congratulating the death of another. People are pushing for deaths to be aired on TV. Is America pushing the death penalty like a sport during the Roman Empire? This complete and utter disregard for human life is atrocious. The fact that Americans feel so compelled to even want to watch another human being die, is chilling. Over 2000 years, have humans evolved into better creatures at all? We may not use swords and various sharp tools to hold capital punishment, but killing is killing, and how can killing beget killing? We wish to stop killing by killing as many wrong doers as possible, and somehow, that will make things all better. It is the greatest contradiction humankind as a whole has to offer. Just get rid of the bad people. Instead, we should work to make a society where killing is not so highly revered by many, and practiced by the very government that controls this nation. Killing and capital punishment have been used for well over 2000 years, and yet still, killing persists. Maybe a new alternitive should be pursued by high officals. Maybe weene people away from enjoying death so much, and let them concentrate more on living healthy lives. Create equal opportunity for all, and teach children morals in school. Not morals from religious Dogma, but basic human principals of unity and co-existence. Instead, we teach competition in sports. Don't play for fun, play to win in what is exhibited in our sports teams. Anger and resentment ensue as we pit children against each other who arent out to have fun, they are out with anger.

The death penalty of the bane of hypocrisy and the worst possible tool of law created by humans. Killing another human is not in any way possible in the sphere of human capability. The judging of our brothers and sisters is hypocritical and self righteous in many ways. Killing no matter what shape it is, is wrong. No religious teaching needs to tell someone that, its just morally and ethically wrong. Capital punishment should be eliminated in all shape and form, and they should develop a new way of dealing with those who chose to commit atrocities against people for no apparent reason. One thing is for certain, killing is not the answer, if 2000 years of capital punishment, and experiencing more killing hasn't taught anyone that capital punishment is not the answer, I cant possibly comprehend what will.


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