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Weekly Rants- 2/12/02

By Volitar


Unity, the word rings in the ears of many as happiness in which everyone is overtly happy in their ways. This is a joy that is prevalent by the fact that everyone is equal, the existence of rich and poor and strong and week are null in this unified society. The happiness of the peoples is so overt, and permeates upon everyone and everything, nature, everything is effect by this sense of unity of mind, and body. In short, everyone is happy with each other, and themselves. This is, in essence the perfect society.

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, which has been determined orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden, the sense of Unity in American is strong! I read in the papers, "God Bless America" wave a flag and let's go off and kill people, because killing will end killing. That's right; we will stop these heinous atrocities committed against America if we kill them, so they don't kill us. The nationalism is very admirable, and the sense of unity is blinded by their stars and stripes in their face. Wasn't it Einstein whom once said "Nationalism is the belief that ones country is better, simply because of the fact that one was born in it"?

Oh yes, America is unified! I am exposed to this everyday when I go to school. I hear from the mouths of Americas youth, the next generation of America, saying "Kill the Afghans", among many other racist bigoted remarks spoken from the unified youth of America. Killing will not stop killing, in all the wars in the past, has any one of them stopped the killing, and the hatred? No, it hasn't, why do they think it will all of a sudden stop now? America, in its stuck up ways, does not see this at all. In their blind nationalism, they turn away from what is so obvious and hide behind the American flag as some sort of support, turn on the football game, and sedate and relax, just like the government wants you to. The American flag is the new trend! It wont attempt to stop the hatred, but who cares, its for support, and raises moral. Wave a flag, and kill, with racist bigotry as the fuel for the fire!

The sad truth about war it doesn't solve a damn thing. It raises the economy, because people off to war, well, that gets more job opening, corporations make more money, the government gets those people off welfare, sends them off to war to be killed. Or, the fallacy of "This is a war where nobody dies!" except maybe the people we were fighting against, but, they aren't people.

This rant went in many different directions, and the underlining theme I am trying to express is this. The term unity, that is being so overused, is not real unity. It is just unity for America, for we are blessed by nationality. We enforce our ways upon other cultures with force. We even go to believe that god is on our side! God Bless America, and let our troops kill more of the enemy! Yes, killing and greed! God is on our side, he will assist us in the mass killings, he will help our troops and guide their bullets so their pierce the skull of the victims! We are so crass to say God Bless America, and may god be with the troops! The crassness is also exhibited when extremists feel that they must kill in the name of god! That is just taking religious doctrine to a level of extreme radical thinking that is so delusional. The underlining theme is, unity will exist, when an al Queda soldier and a racist American waving a flag will put their extreme views aside, and realize one things, we are all in this world together, why not work together....than work to kill one another?

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