Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
By Turks Of Shinra [7-26-01]

I must say that I was hyped up about this movie! With all the propaganda this movie had gotten I don’t think there was a Science Fiction or Final Fantasy fan out there that wasn’t. Sadly this movie did not live up to the hype. While the graphics where wonderful the story was lacking. This movie was a visual wonder, but sadly this movie was mostly eye candy. (Delicious eye candy.) I was awestricken with the marvelous beauty of this computer-generated world. At times when watching this movie I forgot about this being just a cartoon and thought it was a real movie. The backgrounds and landscapes looked just like the real world and the people where detailed to the last freckle and hair strand. I only found 2 things wrong
with this movie.

#1. This movie lacked a good story, and a good narration. I had no idea about the past of any of the characters or had a good idea about the story for that matter. The thing that bugged me the most about this is that it had no real depth in the
story. I mean if you wanted to you could let a small child around the age of 5 watch this and they would understand every bit of it. (Although I don’t think something with this much violence would be good for a 5-year-old.) In a way that can be
good because a younger crowd can understand the movie better but it also makes it less interesting for the older audience.

#2. There was not a vary strong connection with the Final Fantasy series. Sure the had the lifestream idea, the love theme and the hidden Chocobo, but I wanted Magic, I wanted Summons, I wanted Black Mages! If this was a movie with a name like ”The Phantoms” I would not have this problem, but they named this movie Final Fantasy! With the name Final Fantasy I expect all the things above. (Maybe not the black mages, but that would be nice!) So you see I don’t have much of a problem with this film, it’s just the films name that bug’s me.

To finish this review off, this movie would have made a great Science Fiction movie, but it’ made an ok Fantasy movie. If you go to see this movie try and do two things; forget about the Final Fantasy name, and remember that this movie
is mostly graphics and no story, if you can remember these two thing you will have more enjoyable time

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