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Game Title-Kingdom Hearts
Console-Sony Playstation2
Publisher-Square EA
Developer- Squaresoft
Number of players-1
Release Date-Fall 2002
Author- Tidus

When Kingdom Hearts was announced, there was a lot of speculation. Disney and Squaresoft?? Could it possibly work?? Well so far, the game is shaping up pretty nicely. Kingdom Hearts has already been in development for more than 2 years by a collaboration of 100 people from Disney and Square working together. Tetsuya Nomura, the well-known character designer from Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X is the producer and character designer for Kingdom Hearts.
Kingdom Hearts is the story of a young boy named Sora who is swept by a storm away from his home and decides to team up with well-known Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy in a quest to rescue his friends, Riku and Kairi and also aid Donald and Goofy in finding King Mickey. Throughout the game you journey through nine Disney settings from famous Disney movies such as Tarzan, Pinocchio and Aladdin.
While the story may seem very childish, there seems to be a whole lot more going on than what is seen on the surface. The world is over run by villains only known as "the Heartless" and throughout the game Sora and his friends are sometimes confronted with tough choices.
The graphics for Kingdom Hearts are very bright and vivid rivaling those of Squareosoft's other epic, Final Fantasy X. Not much is known about the gameplay at this point except that it will feature a real-time battle system.
The movies and screenshots that have been released so far look very promising. We'll just all have to wait and see how this game turns out. Square EA plans to release Kingdom Hearts for the US in Fall of 2002.

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