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The History Of Final Fantasy
By Turks

We all know about how great the Final Fantasy Games are, but do we really know about the games? I have spent much time and research to find a number of facts about SquareSoft and the Final Fantasy series.
In 1987 a little company that went by the name Square Co. LTD. Square was in trouble, they needed a blockbuster; they needed a big hit! They where not doing to good, they had some financial setbacks and needed to make up for it in a hit.

Their savior would be Hironobu Sakaguchi; he came up with an excellent idea, Make a game just like their competitor Enix’s Dragon Warrior and improve upon the great blockbuster that was Dragon Warrior. This Fantasy game would be sure to be a hit,
but if it was not Square would be no more! With this they dubbed their last shine of light, their Final hope of a game Final Fantasy!

Final Fantasy I
Every Final Fantasy game is defined by the story; the characters and the world they live in. FF1 may not be as cool looking or have as much development as the games to come. It was however better then it’s competitor Enix and Dragon Warrior’s Kill Bad guy and save the girl. Final Fantasy introduced many revolutionary ideas to the genre of RPG’s. The game's characters are drawn from the mythological ideals of several cultures. Later games would evolve and remake the battle system, but the magic system would always be apart of RPG’s from then on.

Final Fantasy II
Not much is known about this game in the American eye. I however was able to dig up some info on this game. The plot is as follows: An evil Empire Baramekia has killed the parents of four kids. These children join a resistance and help the rebels
every way they can. Many rebels made sacrifices for the kids. They get stronger and get more power; and they come closer and closer to the evil threatening the world. Former allies turn spy, only to later be good again. By the end of the game,
everything works it’s self out and the good guys win! This game revolutionized RPG’s with its in-depth plot! Final Fantasy II was never released into the US.

Final Fantasy III
I am sorry to say I was not able to get any info on Final Fantasy III. I looked vary hard and spent about 2 hours looking for info on this game, sadly I could not find anything. Once more, I’m sorry. If you have any info on Final Fantasy III
please e-mail me at Turks@gotmail.com Final Fantasy III was never released in the US.

Final Fantasy IV
This is a true masterpiece; this game introduced us to the world of the Active Time Battle System. This being where the enemy and hero could attack at the same time, this was a big step in the world of RPG’s. This game also gave us a
magnificent plot, not only did the plot move the game but it also showed use more about the characters and there personality. Final Fantasy IV was released as Final Fantasy II in the US, only to be re-released as Final Fantasy IV once

Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy V is a great game, although I have not played it I have read a lot about it. This game redefined the job system, with over 20 job that can be combined together to get even stronger characters. This with the added CG movies in the re-release made this game is a must for Hard Core Final Fantasy Fans. (I want to get it, but I’m short on cash.) It was intended to be released as Final Fantasy III in the US but Square thought it would be to hard for US game players. Luckily we got to see it on PSX with Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI

This game has been hailed as the BEST RPG of all time, and I can see why. Although I do not own this game I did rent the SNES Final Fantasy VI from my local Video Store. (They don’t get new games often. Lol) I really loved this game and the
development of the characters was superb. The music was divine and the graphics where the most beautiful thing I ever saw on the SNES. It was originally released as Final Fantasy III in the US; it was later released with Final Fantasy V on the

Final Fantasy VII –
This is the game that made RPG’s what they are today. This game revolutionized the world of games as we knew them! With a budget of over 30 Million this game was the most anticipated game ever released in the US or Japan. This was also the first title to go from Nintendo to PSX. This game was so hyped I can remember seeing adds for this game on billboards by the road! This game was a beautiful and graceful transition from one world to the next in the universe of gaming.

Final Fantasy VIII –
Final Fantasy VIII turned the world of RPG’s upside down. With less customization and the change of Magic, Weapons and Armor many RPG fans where appalled. Others found it more enjoyable then the last. This game took the player into the role of a spectator, not the hero; Square made what seemed more of an interactive movie then a game. Although this game was criticized by many, it was praised by many as well.

Final Fantasy IX –
Final Fantasy IX is what seemed to be a step back in the world of RPG’s as opposed to Final Fantasy VIII which was a BIG step forward. This game brings back a sense of nostalgia to Hard Core RPG gamers like my self. This game has many references to the original Final Fantasy; such as Black Mages, White Mages and the class feature. It also reintroduces the armor system. This game struck the hearts of older gamers in a sense of awe; for you see this game was like a big jump back
in time bringing along with it the graphics of today.

Final Fantasy X –
Final Fantasy X has ben long awaited and is being said to be “A milestone in the art of gaming, a true masterpiece.” Well I have seen this game in action (Which is more then most US gamers can say!) And it looked phenomenal. I don’t know much
about the story of this game, but for more info on Final Fantasy X look to Hotaru our Japanese news correspondent.

This concludes my little trip into the world of Final Fantasy, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed playing
the games so I could write this :D. The End- Turks

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