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Hey hey folks- It’s the Dirty Girl again, here to answer real
actual questions about love, life and other wonderful things!

Amazingly, some questions seeped into my e-mail which gives
me fodder for my second article! Huzzah for that, but keep ‘em
cumming :D

Dear Megan:

Well you see I have a tendency to ..........oh i can't its way too embbarassing.......But i've got to tell someone!

Megan.......I have a tendency to shag goats, Now i know that sounds sick but they still have the same orafaces etc that a human has, so it shouldnt matter should it?

But they weren't designed for a human males....well you know ....knob. I just can't fit it in, but no woman will have me.

What should I do??!!

(Azn said you've had some experiene of this nature, so I thought you'd be the best person to ask)

-Goat Guy

Dear Goat Guy:

Ah… Goats. They’re so cute.

Well GG, you can be happy about at least one thing-you can’t fit it in. Goats, in my experience, have very small … passages. If you can’t fit it in, you’re at least somewhat well endowed.

As far as the no woman will have you thing, you have to make a choice. Do you want the women to want you, or do you want to keep striking out with the she-goats? If you want women of the human variety, then I would suggest washing off the goat smell before you go out in public. Better yet, don’t have sex with the she-goats, and try to develop a personality instead. Read, go to the parks, get a spell checker, learn something new.

Of course, if you don’t want the people lovin’ then perhaps you can find a larger animal. Goats aren’t the end of the world. I hear sheep work wonders.


Dear Megan:

Anyway.. I'd like to think I'm a fairly normal teenage girl.. but there are two things that get to me..

One.. My yams. They're wet.. and shiny. Is this normal? Will my lovers mind?

(Megan’s note: The second problem was a little… more visual, and did not lend itself to a PG-13 site. Therefore, to address the second question, please visit here ( http://www.sexualrecords.com/WSRphysiology.html#longest_labia_minora )


Dear Princess:

Princess, between you and me, you have more problems than what you’re telling me, but that’s okay. Someday, I shall devote an entire article to your particular problems.

But as far as the ones you’ve sent me so far, there are some solutions. If you’re really worried about your yams, then you should see a doctor, or a good gardener at least. Of course it could be totally natural, and healthy too.

Of course, any lover you have shouldn’t really care if your yams are shiny and wet, he should love you for who you are, not the condition of your yams. Or he could be a real fetishist, someone who’s really into transvestites who have shiny wet yams.

I could be talking out of my ass on all of this, since I’ve never dealt with yams in a sexual sense before, I really don’t know. However, next time I get together with the Flavor of the Week we’ll experiment. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Well, that’s all the e-mail for now, so I’m gonna head out. I think I’ll hit the FotW and get some of that research done for the article, and perhaps get to my real actual job at some point. *sigh* If Azn would only give me a real paycheck.


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